Monday, May 23, 2011

Join the Little Miracle Mission

Have you seen the commercials? The Pampers "Every Little Miracle" commercial never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

In 2005 I was a busy executive secretary. A Type-A personality and planner to the max, my hard work and attention to detail helped multiple division presidents of a b2b publishing company get the job done. And in the summer of 2005 all my research and ability to plan and be in control went out the window with the birth of my first son. While I loved (and love!) him dearly my world went upside down in an instant in ways none of the books could have prepared me for. I left the job that had consumed my time for 9.5 years of my life, and so very many of the day to day relationships that I had had went with it. Sleepless nights, feedings, teething... anyone who is a parent is familiar with what my routine became. And despite my beautiful baby boy and loving family I was feeling lost. And I struggled. I was so very lucky that someone pointed me in the direction of the local family network. There I found playgroups and activities that forced my tired self out of the house. And I found advice, a shoulder to lean on and friends that are still around to this day.

Why do I digress with my little story? Pampers has generously provided me with a $50 gift card as part of their Little Miracle Mission. It's a chance to pay it forward, and I have chosen to donate it to my area family network that provided me with so much support during my early days of motherhood. They have changed much in the last 5 - 6 years, in part due to the budget struggles that so many of these organizations have faced. (And I've changed myself, adding another son to my growing family!)

Join the Mission!
I have been offered a gift card for one of my lucky readers to give away as well. Simply reply to this post and let me know how you would pay it forward, should you win the $50 gift card.

This is going to be a fast one, as the deadline is set for Noon EST on Wednesday, May 25th. Reply ASAP.

Everyone can easily participate in a small way by "liking" Pampers Facebook page ( and then going to the Miracle Missions tab and committing to Mission 1 by clicking "I want to pledge". You are automatically entered to win a years supply of diapers and wipes, which could help you or someone you know in a big way.

Hope to hear from you all soon!