Friday, January 11, 2008

Found Money

Even before the baby I would find myself suddenly complaining that the purse I was carrying around (and afterwards the diaper bag) would after awhile come to feel like I had a secret stash of bricks inside. I'd fuss, and fume and harrumph. And when the bag was finally turned upside down about a pound and a half of change would fall out.

I started stashing the stuff. We've managed to keep the coins out of the couch cushions, but they turn up on counters, tables, in the laundry. I even found Daniel stooped over in the parking lot of the library the other day, and when I asked him what he was looking at he nonchalantly replied: Money, while poking in the dirt with his finger. Sure enough it was a penny. When I heft the piggy bank, and it starts to feel a little, um, hefty, I tote the thing to the grocery store with me and plunk the contents in the Coinstar counting machine. Invariably I can get between $10-$20 off our groceries this way.

Awhile back I saw an ad for a credit card that pretty much wanted to do this same thing for you. They said that they would round your purchases up to the nearest dollar and stick the difference into a savings account. I remember scoffing to myself, and thinking: Why do I need you to do that?? I can do that myself. It's found money that would just be junking up my car or weighing down my diaper bag - it's amazing!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Cupcake Conspiracy

On the technical side of the conspiracy going on around my house lately: I LOVE the muffin tin. I did load it into the oven by placing it on a cookie sheet... I just wasn't sure how bendy the silicone could potentially get after being in the oven. The cup sizes are a little different, and so the blueberry muffins ran over a little - but that can be adjusted. And something I never even considered until I tried them... the muffins were all uniformly cooked! My old metal tin would leave them darker in spots, especially directly on the bottoms, but these tasted even yummier. Give some silicone bakeware a try!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mommy Jewelry

I love silver jewelry, and was excited to find Beth at Heart on Your Wrist. I actually purchased a few items this past year, getting a necklace for each of the "Grandmas" for Mother's Day, and even splurging on something for little ol' me.

Beautiful pieces, speedy professional service - I highly recommend giving Beth a try if this is something you are looking for. Her website has been updated with new designs - or create your own - and even fun words to wear.