Friday, March 13, 2009

Cheese-Heads Unite!

Time's up folks! If I don't pick some winners now, this will not be out by the end of the day... The great has spoken, and given back the numbers 19 and 49. The winners of a coupon for free Kraft Singles are:

Valerie2350, who cooks her grilled cheese in her mother's well-seasoned cast iron pan.

Mommyhood is Thankless, who likes to create a yummy-sounding turkey melt.

I will be in touch soon for your contact information. Congratulations!

And I'm happy to make the acquaintance of so many fellow cheese lovers! Stay tuned for another yummy giveaway coming soon!


Leslie said...

Congrats Cheese Lovers!

Sara Bonds said...

Yummy. I am such a cheese-head, always have been. :o)
I am hopping over from the MomDot Blog-A-Thon. I am trying to hit everyone this weekend (I have a lot of hopping to do). *hehe*

Have a wonderful and safe three day weekend!

(I am #117, #118, and #119)