Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Voice Across the Miles

I love where I live in New England - gorgeous small towns, rich in history. Since having Daniel I feel the miles between the East Coast and my parents in Wisconsin even more keenly, however. We work hard to stay in touch - weekly phone calls (OK, sometimes more!), and we invested in a webcam a year or so ago. We visit there, and they visit here as often as we can but 1,200 miles is no short hop for any of us.

In honor of Grandparents Day - September 13th will be the holiday's 30th anniversary - I'm showcasing the website While the wording across the site "speaks" to Grandparents, I think there are lots of helpful tidbits about families and keeping connected across the generations.

Daniel and I tested out a feature called YourVoice. Easy as anything you can dial the YourVoice phone number, record a message, and have it sent to the Grandparents (or, of course, Grandma and Grandpa back to the grandkids) over the computer where it can be played at any time. The steps were very easy - I think my main problem was Daniel is not a "phone talker kinda kid" at present.

Grandparents Day is coming up soon - whether you have a long distance to cover (one of Daniel's best buddies has a Grandma in Colombia), or your family is right next door - I highly recommend checking out this site. Everyone loves a special message just for them!

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