Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From the Bookshelf...

I've been in Mommy Survival Mode this week while H has been out of town. The please eat something besides string cheese and crackers struggles have been put aside for the challenge of just keeping up a familiar routine in the absence of Daddy. (Twenty four hours to go!) Thank goodness for playdates.

As Mom to a soon-to-be four year old, I can't help but wish that the book The Triumphant Child - a practical guide to raising two, three and four year olds had arrived just a bit sooner!

Chapter One - About Your Child breaks down information by year, outlining physical - gross and fine motor development, language speech and cognitive development, social and emotional development, practical tips and suggested books for each age. This chapter finishes with a list of recommended toys, and tips about toy safety. All valuable information, and a spot to scout for new ideas.

Further chapters are broken out by topics such as routines (morning, bedtime, mealtime), challenges (aggressive behavior, bath time battles, defiance, dressing challenges and more), and changes (moving, preparing for a new baby, starting school...). The book can be read straight through, or bit by bit as you find the most relevant topics for you and your child. Parent stories are sprinkled throughout for some nice illustrations about how some families cope with their challenges.

I hardly have time for a parenting book these days. Give me a practical book that can quickly impart information and it gets a special place on my nightstand.

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